About us

Localxe.com – this is Legal Licensed company in Estonia. We try to offer the best Bitcoin price. With Localxe.com you can buy and sell your Bitcoins or Ethereum with the great rate using instant SEPA, Bank Transfer Malaysia, Bank Transfer UK, Bank Transfer Nigeria, we are working to bring more countries to you. In order to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum you need to register on the website, depend or not may be required to get verification after which the crypto currency instantly will be available. Rates and prices are available on the corresponding page.

Transfers to many European banks arrive instantly, transfer within Malsyaia arrives instantly as long as you check the instant transfer, transfer within Nigeria arrives instantly too. Its means that you receive the Bitcoins in minutes! You will find a more detailed description of the speed of making transfers to specific banks on the exchange pages of each direction.
If you have Bitcoin buy instantly uses fastest and cheapest type bank transfer around the world locally including SEPA(Single Euro Payments Area) then you in the right place. Information about European and other country banks from which instant payment is available to our bank will be replenished also you do not hesitate ask from support.

We operate in both directions – here you can both buy and sell bitcoins or buy and sell Ethereum. Moreover, the Bitcoin or Ethereum exchange direction absolutely does not matter – we always have the most beneficial Bitcoin exchange rate for you. Because the main advantage of Localxe.com is that unlike using the services of the most competitors, you can buy Bitcoin with a minimum fee. It is very easy and profitable to work with us! A truly European service awaits you at Localxe.com. If you have any questions remaining, for example on how to buy Bitcoins, our specialists will be very glad to promptly answer them.